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Bottomless Dream
Bottomless Dream
"Sleep an endless dream; my power shall become a shining beacon, that will bestow healing upon your broken wings."
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So the Dragon Quest VIII Hero holds up the Magic Mirror, hoping to power it up with the magic from a Sea Dragon encounter. Auto-battle tactics were set.
The computer completely mauls the creature with high-powered magic and attacks from upgraded weapons.
The Sea Dragon dies way before ever using its special spell.
The Sea Dragon dropped a treasure chest! Hero opens the chest. It contained a pair of Scholar's Specs.
Meta:Oh my god. You just beat it up and stole its glasses.


Mr. F and I have started replaying Dragon Quest VIII, because I’ve been feeling so crappy and been confined to the couch so much.


This game.

This game.

I mean the Dragon Quest series isn’t exactly known for its fantastic story or complex characters but damned if I don’t love me every single person in this bar, up to and including the main character who’s in love with a horse.

(especially him)

(and the horse)

(you crazy kids)

(otp 5eva)

Angelo, Dragon Quest VIII (via afroyankii)

So we’re off to the bandit woman’s house…
Urgh! I just had this image of Yangus dressed up as a woman!
Merciful Goddess! Purge this frightful vision from my tortured mind!



Protagonist & Princess Medea (Dragon Quest VIII)

Gotta admit, these two are great together. Also, they are what you call ‘canon’. So, there you have it.

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